You know those women who always just look great? Well, those girls are ones behind Stylish Two. We are regular women.  We are not models, or designers, or even work in the fashion industry.  We are both professionals and have successful careers.  We are workaholics who get told regularly how great our style sense is, and always strive for more. This blog is for the regular person–because life should look good.  Reach for those goals.  Be strong and successful. Be the person you want to be, and dress for where you want to go in life.  It’s time for us all to be stylish too!

The Story of Us


I knew Em was going to be my best friend the first night we met.  It was in a crowded bar with bad country music, classic dim lighting, and the smell of beer.  She was new to Maine, and our connection was a friend who was in my nursing program.  Em and I are both driven women–workaholics really.  Introverted, eccentric, and always striving towards the next goal.  We also both have some great, quirky fashion sense.  After eight years, she is still my crazy, best friend who comes up with ideas like starting a fashion blog as she’s dragging me to the gym (literally, we made a deal about the gym, and she picks me up three nights a week).  I had been pondering the idea for a very, very, long time, and Em was all the nudge I needed.  So, Stylish Two was born! ♥ S



Happy Long Weekend! Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, so be ready to rock all those fantastic summer pieces you have been collecting!
“S” is driven woman who has been working in the medical field for seven years, and is currently completing her graduate degree in anesthesia.  She first became interested in fashion when she was in grade school, and began using her mothers sewing to make clothes for her stuffed animals.  Occasionally there were even thoughts of leaving the medical world for fashion design, but instead she found a balance between the two.  S can almost always be seen wearing a great pair of shoes, and it almost always overdressed. She has a walk in closet that is considerably too small for her sea of shoes and epic wardrobe.  In her spare time, S loves animals, and has adopted a small zoo of them.  She has horses, and enjoys horseback riding, traveling, cooking, hiking, and all things involving fashion!


“Em” is an an Architect. She started her own residential practice in June of 2009. As an architect – somewhere between an artist and an engineer – Em has always had a unique sense of style. You can make any outfit a great outfit with the right accessories. Em inherited her interest in fashion from her mom. She always had great jewelry, or a pretty scarf, and what woman doesn’t love shoes! Needing to border somewhere along the lines of professional – Em would classify her style as a little classy, a little rock and roll, and a lot hippie! But Em learned her best fashion tip from a fellow architecture student.  He said – if you believe you look good in what you are wearing, and you wear it confidently, others will think you look good, too! So the secret behind fashion – is to go forth boldly and confidently!

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