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The end of summer is rapidly closing in on us.  Personally, I wish a hedgehod could pop its head up, see its shadow and give us six more weeks of long sunshine days.  That said, I can already feel a change in the air as evening rolls in, and the days are notably shorter.

What else comes shorter, as summer stretches on?  My energy level.  I always over exert and over commit during the summer months, and by now, trying to gain enthusiasm for continued fashion in the midst of the regular summer activities can be a challenge.


Here are some tips to help keep you in the style came, even if really all you want to do is spend a few lazy days lounging on the beach!

Ditch the Flip Flops
Okay, so, at baseline I’m not really a flip flop fan anyway…why?  Because they look too casual, beachy, and they can make that horrid noise when you walk.  They are awesome of the beach, but if we are talking about daily life, step it p a notch.  Go for a leather slide or lace up sandal, which are huge trends this year, to make your outfit look just a little more dressed up.


Put on a Dress
Yep.  You heard me.  Its probably the easiest thing to actually pic out for an outfit.  You only have one thing to choose and coordinate with.  Its cool in the warm weather, and if you opt for something other than flip flops, everyone will ask you why you are so dressed up.


Mix Media
Want to wear that super comfy logo t-shirt?  Make it more of a statement by combining it with something unexpected, like a lace mini-skirt.  It will make the whole outfit seem intention, while giving you are more intentional look than the usual jeans you would wear it with.

4th of July Outift

Ah…the key to everything.  Even cutoff shorts and a tank take on a whole new look with a statement necklace, a pair of block heels and a bold matte lip.  If nothing else, add a extra elements to your look to pull it all together.


I hope these help to bring a little style into your every day!