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Okay, who doesn’t want that legs-for-miles, look?  Especially when summer comes around, and we care less about keeping ourselves covered and warm!  Here are some fashion tips to help give the illusion of legs that just wont quit!

  • Nude pumps – Choose a pump that is close to your skin tone, and it will just become an extension of your leg.
  • Something High Waisted – Those low riders can easily make it look like your waist starts inches lower than it actually does!  Choose something high waisted and pair it with a crop top or a tucked in shirt to gain you the illusion of some added inches.
  • A Pointed Tow – Flats or Heels, a pointed toe makes your legs appear longer any day.
  • Shorts and Mini Skirts – Especially in a darker color, and especially with a heel, can make you look like you have legs that could conquer the world.  BUT….have the confidence to carry them off.  If a short hemline isn’t your thing, the fact you are uncomfortable in it will hide the fact your legs look epic.
  • Avoid too many straps or ties on your shoes – Yep, its trendy to have straps and ties that go up your leg.  By all means, wear to your hearts content! On the days you want your legs to look longer, opt for a more simple shoe that will let the line of your leg continue down.
  • Try a Wide Leg and Heels — The lack of structure around your legs, paired with a leg that also flows over the top of your shoes makes it anyone’s guess where your foot stops and your show starts.