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Over all, we live in a dehydrated society.  We are all busy with work and lives, and remembering to get in all those glasses of water is just the last thing on our mind.

So how much water should we be drinking?

The average person is about 60% water, and it is pretty much vital for all aspects of your health.

According to science, you need about 0.5-1oz per pound.  If you are active, and live in a hot climate, you would be on the higher end.  If you live in a cooler climate, and live a less active life, stay on the lower end.

So what dos that mean?  Take your weight, or half your weight.  That is how many oz you should be drinking.  So if you weight 150lbs — that is 75-150oz of water a day.  If the average glass is 8oz, that means you should drink 9-18 of water a day!

So grab a water bottle and carry it with you.  Your body will thank you!