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So, maybe you have heard, but patchwork is a trend for this summer.  Personally, I love it.  It’s a huge contrast, especially compared to my other favorite trend, sequins!  How can you wear. Patchwork without looking a little too much like your grandma?

  • Go with bright colors.  Shy away from primary colors-blue, red, yellow, especially when framed in black.  
  • Choose a color palate.  If you like pink, go with, and colors with the same vibrancy that compliment.
  • Look for tiny patters within the patchwork. Florals and paisley.  From a distance it blends in, but up close it adds contrast.
  • Look for a modern shape to the clothing.   Fitted, off the shoulder–something grandma defiantly wouldn’t be wearing!
  • Most importantly…wear something you love.  Nothing will make you look like grandma more than you wearing something that makes you feel like grandma! You can pull off anything that you feel amazing in!