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Okay, so maybe I am the only one with an eccentric enough sense of style to love the pom pom sandals that have been cropping up.  The are happy, fun, and look so fresh for the season.  The problem?  No way am I going to spend $100+ on them.  My solution?  A DIY project of course!

What you need



Lace up Sandals (I got mine on Amazon for less than $15)
Hot Glue Gun (with glue)
Pom PomsOptional: Pom pom ribbon and scissors

**Warning** I know this may come as a shock to some, but hot glue is…hot!  Take care not to burn yourself, which like likely eventually happen anyway.  I like hi-temp because it gives me longer to work, but if you have sensitive skin, get yourself a low temp clue gun.

1) put on your sandals to get a rough idea of where you want pom poms and what you want them to look like.


2) Start glueing!  Remember to be careful with the hot glue, and hold the pom poms in place for a couple of seconds before releasing.


3) let your sandals cool, and start wearing!  Remember hot glue isn’t a permanent thing, so keep your extra pom poms around in case you wear them enough to need a repair!


Love these sandals!

xo – S