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Okay, so this topic has circled around the fashion for a long time.  As leggings became a staple in ever girls wardrobe for their ease and comfort, they started creeping up in more places, and no longer just as a layering piece. It seems lately it has re-emerged, stronger than ever, in the fashion world!

So what is StylishTwo’s take on wearing leggings as pants?

Yes, but only with a little sense, and a lot of confidence.  That said, they are a fashion statement that is easily horribly wrong, and care should always be taken when rocking a pair of this skin tight cotton as your only bottom coverage.  They easily make you look lazy, and far from stylish.  So what should you do to actually pull off leggings when you just can’t bring yourself to slide into denim?

  1. Start with the right legging.
    This is not the place to save a few bucks. Always go for a quality legging.  The less expensive leggings end up becoming very sheer, and when wearing something this tight, you don’t need to add to the transparency.
  2. Black is always great, but step out of your comfort zone.
    Don’t think black is your only option.  Leggings come in a lot of different colors, patterns and fabrics.  Sometimes making a clear statement with your legging makes it seem a little more intentional.
  3. Make it an Outfit
    For the love of Jimmy Choo, unless you are actually heading to the gym, don’t dress like you might be.  Make your leggings part of a fashion statement.  Pair it with a top and shoes that do not fall into the athlesiure category. It will leave you looking more put together, and the outfit more intentional.
  4. Length and Volume to contrast.
    Part of being stylish is knowing what to show, and what to cover.  Leggings should be balanced with a looser fitting top that is long enough to at least cover most, if not all of your back side.  Mix it up with an unexpected top, or even wearing a dress.
  5. Layers are your friend.
    Layers add volume and dimension to an outfit that can easily look underwhelming.  Don’t be afraid ti mix up your outfit by layering unexpected pieces.