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Anyone who loves and follows fashion, knows its a constant struggle for those on a limited budget.  Trends are constantly changing, especially in the age of the internet, where new micro-trends crop up every few days.  Its hard enough for a girl to stay on top of, forget actually affording to try everything we wish to try in the world of fashion.

In steps the rentals.  Renting, well, pretty much anything, is not a new concept in our society.  We rent apartments, cars, even appliances.  Bag Borrow or Steal came into the market a number of years ago and is still going strong.  Why not up the game and rent a wardrobe?

The idea of renting, is that you are allowed to develop a strong wardrobe of basic pieces, and then rent the quirky trends, or that special occasion dress, for only a fraction of the buying price.  After you wear it, you simply return it.  It doesn’t tale up space in your closet, and you don’t have to make a trip to the dry cleaners.

So what are your options?

Le Tote$59/month. Free Shipping.  5 items at at time.  Unlimited rotations per month.

Rent the Runway Unlimited
$139/month.  Free Shipping. 3 items at a time.  Unlimited rotations per month. Higher end options.

The Ms. Collection
$49-$13/Month.  Free Shipping.  3-6 items at a time.  Unlimited rotations per month.  Options for play, business or combo rentals.

While I have not tried and of these yet, lets me honest…its in my very near future!