To keep with the trend of my OOTD earlier this week, I decided to share some of my advice for traveling.  This time, instead of talking ab out fashion, why not discuss skin care.  

If you read my post about my favorite drugstore products, you know I have very temperamental skin.  It’s dry, acne prone, and just looking at it wrong can send it into a grumpy downward spiral that takes a month of tlc and sheet masks to coax it out of.  So keep reading to find out a few of my tips to help keep your skin happy when flying.

  • Flying is dirty and the air is painfully dry for your skin, so You have to start before you travel.  Before you leave, cleanse your skin well, apply a vitamin C serum to help brighten your skin,and then apply a thick layer of moisturizer and a good eye cream.  I always apply a sheet mask the night before as well to give my skin an extra boost of moisture and and nutrients.
  • Skip your usual foundation and apply a  BB Cream instead.  It will add even more well needed moisturizers and neutrinos to your skin. 
  •  As much as I love my matte lipstick, try using a moisturizing tinted balm instead.   Even better, put a thick, moisturizing lip balm on first.  Don’t be afraid to reapply often.
  • Bring a cuticle cream with you.  A solid tin won’t take up space in those tiny bags they limit your liquids to.  Apply a thick layer on your cuticles and nails before take off, and another partway threw your flight. 
  • Wipe  everything down with with a disinfecting wipe when your first sit down.  The buckle, your arm rests, anything you might touch.  It can help you from transferring who knows what bacteria from transferring to your face, and as a bonus, hopefully minimize your chance of getting sick.
  • I just can’t jump on the wear-a-mask-and-apply-your-moisturizer mid flight train, but I can agree that if you have a long flight and are prone to dry skin, a rose water facial mist can be incredibly refreshing.  
  • Drink, no, put down the coffee and that mid flight cocktail.  Drink water. Lots and lots of water.  Being dehydrated will not only make you feel exhausted and more prone to getting sick, it takes your skin dull, your lips look tight and cracked, and your under eye circles look even more exaggerated. I buy a liter of water when I first get to the airport and try to have it gone by the time I leave the airport at my final destination.  Flight lasting more than 6 hours? You should probably drink even more than that! 

I hope you find this helpful, and safe travels!

Xo – S