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Normally, there is for though to these posts. Some outfit S wears and want to share with world. Today, I had that outfit ready, and then decided to be more spontaneous with that post. After all, the clothes in my closet will still be there next week. Today, I’m writing this post while on a plane, flying across the country to San Fransisco for a work conference. While traveling in general alludes to luxury and style, sitting cramped in an airplane seat does not. So exactly how can you dress to make the journey manageable, while still feeling like you could be featured on one of those airport style blog post that crop up everywhere. DSC_0007_Fotor

If you have ever read a travel post on StylishTwo before, you know that we do not think that travel is any reason to leave the house disheveled, and till in last nights legging or yoga pants. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, they are easy. Yes, I wear them often. They are not stylish though. They are made for exercise, a night in on the couch with a glass of wine and your favorite movie, or a lazy morning with a lingering cup of coffee. If you aren’t on the way to yoga class though, leave the yoga pants at home. 

So what my answer after banishing what is considered the go to comfort clothing by many women? A jersey maxi dress.  

This stretchy comfortable fabric will mold to your body, making you look (and feel) anything but frumpy without having to sacrifice your comfort. After all, you even get to forgo the waistband. It long length keeps your leg covered, and give you somewhere to tuck your leg up into if you manage a little space for a mid flight nap.  

This grey maxi has been a long favorite of mine. I like it ankle length cut, and it minimal fabric, so I don’t feel like I have to control it while I am running across the airport to make a connecting flight. It’s short sleeves make it more appropriate for flying, where it normally chilly, and the neutral color make it easy to wear. 

Throw a cardigan over it to give you a an extra layer, and opt for flat to make airport navigation easier. Ruffle are big this spring , so I chose this ruffled cardigan, and paired it with a pair of pointed toe lace up flats, another big trend!

Easy, comfortable, and you still look good!