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As anyone who reads the blog regularly has noticed, we have been doing a series on what you should have in your closet.  This week, finally, my true love…shoes!
If my closet is anything but minimalistic, my shoe collection is where I really hit one of the ballpark.  I have no willpower when it comes to a new pair of stilettos.  That said, I do know what shoes are important to have in any woman’s wardrobe, and which ones are for my own happiness.  Here is my list of shoes every girl should have handy to make any outfit work.

The Classic Black Pump
This is what I consider the biggest splurge piece.  Spend your money well, and these shoes can last you a lifetime.  They go with almost everything.  The make jeans look chic and can round out any cocktail dress.  Go for a classic style, and a reasonable heel height, because these are your go to pump.
The Nude Pump
Cute makes your leg look longer, and these shoes will pick up where your black pumps seem a little to aggressive.  They work with a sundress, or at a wedding, or with that great skirt when you want to make your legs look like they go on forever.  Personally I vote for an open to, and a closed, but really know yourself and your wardrobe and get a pair that matches your style.
The Statement Heel
Just like I think ever wardrobe needs a going out dress, and a trendy top, every wardrobe needs the shoes that grab everyone’s attention.  For me, they are hot pink cage sandals.  I have owned them forever, and they are still my favorites.  Wear with a little black dress when you don’t feel like being anything but boring, when you go out with the girls, have a hot date, or just need a pick me up.  These are the shoes that make you smile.
The Everyday Sandal
These flay sandals you find yourself slipping on the moment the weather turns warm enough, and never want to take off.  Perfect for the beach, a day full of errands, or a lazy brunch. 
The Go to Flat
Ballet flats if they are your thing, pointed toe flats if that’s what you prefer.  These are the perfect shoe when you just don’t have it in you to wear heels.  Dressy enough for look professional, or pair with a cocktail dress, but fabulous enough to pair with your daily outfits and make everyone a little jealous of how effortlessly easy your style looks.
The Sneaker
So, maybe its functional because you actually go to that gym place people keep referring to, or maybe its just because sneakers can be a great way to add that casual but still cool look to any wardrobe.  Sportswear continues to have its hay-day in fashion, and with good reason.  While stiletto’s are a work of art, these days we are often just too busy for them to be functional in our lives.  Choose a great sneaker that really speaks to your personal style, and goes with the overall color scheme of your wardrobe.
The Ankle Boot
Every girl needs an ankle boot.  The ways to style them are endless, and they can help you transition between the seasons.  They are also a huge trend this season, as they look great with cropped pants!
The Riding Boot
This is the classic knee high boot.  With its half-inch heel and structured look, it will be your go to boot when the weather turns colder.  These boots can help you transition your dresses further into fall, and look great over a pair of tights or skinny jeans.  Plus, the low heel means you can easily walk in them all day.
Bonus Shoe: The Wedge!
I love a good wedge.  While I wouldn’t consider it “essential” it would be the first non-essential shoe I would buy.  Why?  Because they are slightly easier to walk in than a heel, and perfect for anything outside.  Think about all those summer weddings, or street side strolls while window shopping with friends.