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Happy Monday Stylish followers!


Hopefully you were all able to take a few minutes to yourself this past weekend.  Catch your breath. Grab that extra cup of coffee, see a friend, or even start a new book.  These days everyone is always stretched a little too thing, Em & S here at StylishTwo included!

Don’t think that just because you are taking a little time to yourself you need to look like you just crawled out of bed though.  While PJ’s are incredibly comfortable, and I have certinly stayed in my yoga pants way longer than I really needed to, we try to promote living a stylish life.  Looking good, feeling good, and acting good.

So what was my on trend outifit for a little downtime?  Cutout shoulders and frayed denim.  Both are super trendy this spring!  I like this comfortable top, I feel like I’m wearing any normal long sleeve, but the structured cutouts give it an extra detail.  These high waisted frayed hem jeans are actually a DIY project from a few weeks ago.  I love them, and have been wearing them as much as possible!

Another current trend is lace up shoes.  Since it is very…very…hard to pry me out of heels, I have been loving this printed lace up ankle boots!  They add an element of interest to the outfit.

Mostly, I love how a black shirt and jeans seems like such an effortlessly and comfortable thing to wear on a weekend, but you can easily make it stylish and trendy as well!

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