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While there is pretty much nothing minimalist about my closet, I do believe in basics that are a stable in every closet.  This is my list of the shirts that should be in every woman’s closet!


  1. White Blouse
    For me, this is the classic white button down, and when I originally wrote this, that was the title of this particular item.  Then I reminded myself that not everyone likes (or looks good in) a crisp button down shirt.  This is the shirt you can wear to that last minute meeting, or a job interview.  It always looks polished and put together. Check out this one, or this one!
  2. Basic White T
    Classic, and eternally fashionable.  It is like starting any outfit off with a clean palate.  Whatever style you like–v neck, crew, slouchy, fitted.  Find one you like, and always keep it in stock.  Don’t splurge on this one, instead replace it on a regular basis to keep that fresh white look.  (Tip: check the boy’s department, you can buy a pack of undershirts for less than a woman’s shirt, and often times they have a great slouchy fit!)
  3. Graphic T
    Something that speaks to your soul, and looks great layered.  Sports team, rock band, or fashion designer.  Wear with boyfriend jeans and a aviators for that ‘i-just-don’t-care’ look, or under a blazer when you want to look nice, but not too nice.  There more well worn, the better.
  4. The Dress Up Shirt
    Whatever you favorite color, pattern, or cut you feel looks best on you!  This is that shirt you can wear to holiday dinners, or a fancy dinner date.  Wear with a pencil skirt when you want to dress to impress or jeans when you just want to look nicer than your average t-shirt.
  5. Stripes
    The long sleeved striped shirt is almost as iconic as the white t.  With that nautical feel, it makes you look polished and put together in ever y situation, so no one really needs to know you overslept and are still wearing yesterdays mascara.  It also works great as a layering piece under a blazer or jacket.
  6. Camisole
    Wear alone in the summer when you are feeling seductive, or any time as a layering piece.  Its perfect under a blazer or bulky cardigan, and can make a slighter too sheer top way more wearable.
  7. The Perfect Sweatshirt
    Maybe for your personal style, its a great zip hoodie, but for me, its something that can be dressed up or down.  Its the the perfect way to stay stylish without freezing on cooler days.
  8. Totally Trending
    Last of all, something that is absolutely a trend.  Don’t splurge on this item, instead hip of a fast fashion store (Forever21, H&M, Zara….) and buy something trendy with the intention that it wont last.  Its amazing how one fashion forward piece paired with classics can really make you seem like you are on top of things in the fashion world.