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There never seems to be enough time for life these days.  We are always being pulled in a million different directions.  With everything we have to do in life, its amazing any of us have any story of stylish life!  So here are my tips for how try to keep my life as stylish as possible!

  1. Keep a List
    There is nothing stylish about forgetting things. Its also a relief to get things off your mind, and it can certainly help you sleep better!  Find something that works for you.  Keep a journal of notes, a list on your smartphone.  What works for me?  I have a sheet of paper marked with days of the week.  Its small enough to fold up and keep with me everywhere and I still get the satisfaction of crossing things off.  
  2. Plan ahead
    Pretty much everything is easier if you do a little planning. Have a rough idea of your day, have a few meals planned out that you know you have the ingredients for.
  3. Organize your Outfits
    Plan out your outfits the night before, or even at the start of the week.  Whatever works for you.  Really  want to be organized?  Try the Stylebook Closet App,  Which will let you keep an organized database of your clothes and outfits.
  4. Have a few “Go To” things
    For those days when you just can’t make it happen.  Have a few go to outfits (for me its a wear anywhere dress and ankle boots), a go to lunch for when you just can’t (umm, microwaveable edamame anyone?).
  5. Know your staples.
    Have a few staples that you almost always include daily.  I always wear lipstick, and its almost always red, to the point where I have a tube in almost ever bag I own.  I normally have a pair of heels on.  I never leave the house with out a splash of my Dolce & Gabanna The One perfume. It takes some of the guess work out of my morning.
  6. Avoid getting Hangry.
    Lets face it, there is nothing stylish about loosing your cool.  Avoid that hangry vibe by keeping a stash of healthy snacks around.  For me, its raw almonds and a Larabar.  While you are at it, keep water around too.  There is almost nothing better you can do for your health!  
  7.  Manage your Money
    Stylish Two advocates living a stylish life, in every aspect of the word.  As challenging, and frustrating as managing your money can be these days, learn the basics. Life living within your means.  I am a huge a fan of the Mint App.  It lets you keep tract of everything from your bank accounts, credit cards to your student loans and mortgage.  You can also set up a budget, and get alerts when you start overspending (Wait, I shouldn’t have bought that last pair of Manolo’s….)

I hope these tips help you to live a more stylish life everyday!


xo- S