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As you noticed from my outfit earlier this week, I am loving the cropped denim and ankle boots trend.  You may have also noticed that cropped jeans with very frayed hems are a raging trend as well!  Want to try this trend without breaking your budget?  Turns out it is super easy! Here’s how!

What You Need

DIYFrayedJeans1Jeans — Whatever cut you prefer.  I bought a pair of Old Navy straight leg jeans for $3 at my local thrift store.
Sharp ScissorsSomething narrow to loosen threads with — e.g. pointed tweezers, a seam ripper…whatever you can find!

  1. Cut off the bottoms of your jeans at the desired length.










2) Using your something sharp, work your way into the threads close to the bottom of your jeans and pull down.  You should start to loosen the which threads. Sometimes its easier to work from the back, where you can see the angle of the treads easier.


3) As you pull down, you will create more fraying, and have longer white treads.  Just trim these to the length of the dark ones, and they will blend in.


4) Continue all the way around both bottoms of your jeans until you have your desired length of fringe, trimming the long threads at the end.

DIYFrayedJeans5   Wear them and be Stylish!  I told you it was easy!