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While the Northeast has been having a mild winter in general, you could not tell this weekend, as the wind chill dropped temperatures well below zero.  So in walks a fashion dilemma for those who live in the colder climates.

I have a large collection of winter coats, in all colors and patterns.  It lets me express my style, even when all you can see is your jacket.

This fringe wool skirt over leather leggings kept me warm, while still making me look more dressed an elegant.

Cashmere is also your best friend.  Its soft, and incredibly warm for how thin the fabric is.  This turtleneck stayed on target with the current trend while also keeping me a little extra cozy.

Finally a hat and gloves are your best friend.  A beret is very in for the season, but I mixed this up with this wool felt hat to keep my look monotone.  You also hardly ever seem me in wither without one of my pairs of cashmere lined leather coach gloves.


Stay Warm!

xo – S