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Yesterday was the first day of New York Fashion Week. I am back home in Maine, living my life, doing my “real job.”

I would love to attend fashion shoes, I nearly drool over the idea.  Like most of us who are not in the industry, we as StylishTwo do not have the luxury to be invited to the shows, and we also have very successful careers that sometimes limit our traveling.  So how can we stay current with whats happening at the runway from the comfort of our own living rooms?  Here are a few ideas to help!

  1. You can actually watch live stream, and even replays of the shows.  Yes. You heard correctly. Check out NewYorkFashionWeekLive.com!
  2. Social Media.  Lets admit it.  We all have Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Start following influencial people (designers, your favorite models and bloggers), to a constant stream of their live action shots.  Want some suggestions on who to follow?  Check out this list by Glamour, or this one by Elle.
  3. There’s an App for That.  The seemingly never ending collection of apps on our phone seem to do everything for us.  Arrange our schedule, wake us up in the morning, provide and exercise routine, and help scope out fashion week.  Check out this list by SheKnows to see what awesome app’s are out there to help you navigate the runways and the street style!


Enjoy the shows!

Xo- S