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Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

If you follow StylishTwo at all, you have probably noticed that we like to travel, frequently together.  You may have also noticed that last week both Em and I had our flights from Costa Rica back to the USA canceled due to a severe snow storm that hit the eastern side of the country.  Em was able to make arrangements to fly into Canada and then back home from there, but I was to (not so heartbreakingly) remain to Costa Rica for two extra days before I could make my way home.

So how exactly can you handle this situation with style and grace?

  1. Download Your Airlines App on your smartphone.
    Most major airlines have apps you can use to check your flight status as well as gate location.  Take about making flying easier! You can also allow notifications for when your flight status has changes.   I was actually the first in a large group of people who found out that my flight was cancelled for this reason, and I was able to set the wheels in motion early for solving my how to get home dilemma


2. Consider Travel or Flight Insurance
Em and I both had travel insurance for our trip.  It was purchased mostly due to the adventures nature of our travels, but luckily most of the additional expense of hotel rooms and flight changes.  It does come at a cost, but depending on where you are going and the risk (flying in winter if you life in a snowy part of the world) it could be very valuable.  My $100 policy saved me almost $900.

3. Research flights
Hop onto your airlines website or one of the million travel sights and take a quick look at some options.  It will give you an idea of what you have to work with, so you can try and request a particular flight, or alternative location (different airports nearby).

4. Take to the front desk
Give them a warming about your flight, and that you may need additional days.  Be polite, kind and understanding.  Learn names, and call people by them.  I was on a first name basis with the gentleman manning the front desk the afternoon my flight was canceled, and after originally telling me that all the rooms were full, he was able to re-arrange a few things so I stayed at the resort, in my same room, and gave me a discount. White other people were moving hotels, I was lying by the pool. It was an international call, so I called from the front desk to reduce my expense, and became very friendly with him.  He remembered my name for the rest of my stay, and went out of his way to be helpful for me.  When you get home, write a quick email to the manager and let then know how much you appreciate the service.

5. Call the Airline
Yes, everyone hates this part.  It does involve being on hold for an extended period.  Make international calls from the front desk so you are not charged.  It can also leave your cellphone free to multi-task with looking up flights and other helpful information. Have your flight information ready, as well as alternative airports if appropriate, they will ask you, and its better to have the information handy. Be polite, but assertive. If you don’t like their first offer, tell them to continue looking.

6. Ask for a different airline.
Not all airlines will honor this, but sometimes (including in my situation), they do.  Exploring other airlines, or mixing airlines can help you get home faster.  Sometimes they will also be willing to return the cost of your tickets so you can use that money toward another airline ticket.

7.  Keep Your Cool.
There is nothing stylish about the person who becomes rude and disrespectful.  Remember this complicates more lives than use yours.  Continue living a stylish live by keeping your head, and remembering everyone else really is trying to help you, even if it feels otherwise!

La Fortuna Waterfall, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall, Costa Rica