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ways_to_wear_a_dress2We all have that favorite dress.  We wear it with sandals in the summer, and boots in the fall with a cardigan over it, swapping out our jewelry for a little variety. Here are some ideas to help you get more use of our your wardrobe!

Add a Sweaterways_to_wear_a_dress1

Forget the cardigan, and throw on a chunky cable knit.  Everyone will think you have a cute new skirt.

Add a Skirt


Add a skirt over your dress!  Instant. new top, and a little more volume to your skirt.  Pleats are in at the moment!

Add a Blazer or Vest

ways_to_wear_a_dress4The sleeveless blazer was very popular this fall, so throw it on over your dress to make it more trendy!  Too cold?  Wear one with sleeves!  Don’t have a or sleeveless blazer or jacket?  Any vest will work! It will add variety and texture, breathing new life into your well loved dress.

Put a Shirt on It


Denim pairs perfectly over a dress!  Wear it unbuttoned for a casual undone look, or button it up and fold it under itself, using a belt to hold it in place.  It makes it look like you have tucked your shirt into a skirt!

Over Pantsways_to_wear_a_dress6

This popular trend is starting to come back!  Skip the skinny jeans and wear something with a wider leg.  Jeans can always be an option, but they will look best under a dress with a neutral or similar color palate (like the navy in this dress).  Don’t think denim is your only option!  Anything with a similar color palate will pair beautifully together, and keep your legs warm as winter rages.

Over a Turtleneck

Dress over Turtleneck-11-3

Turtlenecks are all over the place this winter, and its one trend I am happy about.  Winter in Maine can be brutal, and they are a great way to stay warm.  Throw one under you dress to be cozy and trendy!

Over a Button Up Shirttartan-dress-over-shirt2

Wear your sleeveless dress over a button up shirt for an warmer, and not to mention work appropriate look!  White is always classic, but a monochromatic color palate with different fabric textures can give you a more modern look!