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S loves skinny jeans.  So much, she has a drawer full of them.  Em is the opposite.  She owns none.  No matter what your preference, skinny jeans have been the dominant trend for years, but these days new trends have been popping up in the denim department.  Check out some of these trends, and add your favorite to your wardrobe for a fresh look in 2016!

Cropped Flare


This trend was featured in this weeks OOTD. It has been dominating in late 2015, and continues into 2016.  Try this great trend with boots this winter, or with fantastic heels as the weather gets warmer.  Try these from Nordstrom.


Flare Jean Trend

Okay, maybe the cropped look isn’t your thing.  Go for actual flares.  That’s right, that 70’s vibe is back, so embrace it!

Soft Wide Leg

If flare’s aren’t your thing, try a soft lighter weight denim in a wide leg for a more updated look.

High Waisted

Haven’t embraced this look yet?  Do!  tuck in your shirt, or pair with a crop top, it can be incredibly more flattering than the ultra low cut that was so popular a few years ago.


Embrace the new year, and a new trend!

Xo – Em & S