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newyearWelcome 2016, and the first birthday of Stylish Two!

Em & S hope everyone had a fantastic 2015, and that 2016 proves to be even better.  We also hope everyone continues to live a the stylish life of their dreams, so to help, here are some fashion resolutions to inspire you!

  1. Try a New trend
    Check out fashion week trends, and wear something that you normally would shy away from!
  2. Clean Out Your Closet
    Out with the old, and in with the new!  Trying bringing your nicer used clothes to a consignment shop to make a little extra money to put toward a new idem.
  3. Try StyleBook
    Try this fun app to organize your closet and help you pick out some great new outfits!
  4.  Challenge Your Heel Height
    Its easy to get stuck in a fashion rut.  If you always wear heels, challenge yourself to try flats, or a lower heel.  Always wear flats, try a kitten heel and see how it can change your outfit!
  5. Break the Fashion Rules
    Wear white after labor day, mix prints, wear floral in the winter.  Rules were meant to be broken after all.
  6. Find a Tailor
    Your pieces look more expensive, and make you look better when they fit your properly.  Find yourself a tailor, and get give your wardrobe an overhaul.