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So maybe this is the first time you have seen one of these beauties…or maybe you have been drooling over them after seeing scattered pictures over internet social media just like I was!  I knew I had to have one! If you feel the same way, check out me tutorial to find out how I made it (hint: its easier than you think!) dressform-christmas-tree4

What You Need
Dress Form or ManiquinFormal Top
Long (not nice quality) skirt
Chicken Wire
Wire cutters
Pine branches (real or fake–great way to reuse and old faux tree!)
Small Pruning Shears
Wide ribbon or a belt

  1.   Put a dressy top that matches the color scheme you want to use for your dress form tree.  Place a long skirt (also go with used here….) on the dress form tucking int the top to help protect it, and wrap chicken wire around the skirt.  Don’t worry about making a flair, or that it goes all the way down to the floor.  You just need something to attach your pine bows too.  Cut at the appropriate length with your wire cutters and use the wire pieces to attach it to itself int he back.


2. Cutting your pine branches into 12-18 inch length pieces, start sticking them into the chicken wire all the way around, starting at the bottom and working your way up.  Make your bottom later thicker, and use fuller branches to create the bell effect of the dress.


3. Work your way up toward the top of the dress.  Use shorter and slightly thinner branches as you go up.  By the time you reach the top, aim for 6 inch sprigs to fill in the gaps to keep the top of the skirt narrow.


4) You made it to the top!  Wrap a belt or wife ribbon around the top of the skirt to help hide the branches sticking up at the top.  Add a great statement necklace, and now its time to decorate!


5. Decorate to your hearts content!



Enjoy the beauty of your amazing, fashionable tree!

P.S. For all those observant people, yes, my turtle supervised.