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Poor posture can affect a lot of aspects of your life.  If can give you headaches, neck pain, and actually cause permanent changes in your body’s flexibility!

Another side effect from poor posture is how it makes you look.  You look shorter, insecure, and make all your clothes look like they don’t fit you.  You look shorter, your chest looks smaller, and you look 10lbs heavier!

postureSo what can we do about it?

  1. Watch how you stand.  Its really easy to slouch, especially where we spend so much time hunched over technology these days.  Every time you catch yourself, pull your shoulders back, and pull in your stomach so you use more of your core muscles.
  2. Keep that core strong!  Your back needs a little something to support it.
  3. Stretch.  Stand in a doorway with an arm on either side of the door frame and lean your weight forward so your stretch your chest and pull your shoulder back.

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