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“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Kate Spade

I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews, and rarely do I find that they remember what toy or trinket I bought them.  So a few years ago I started to do “birthday” adventures with the kids.  We had a pool party, we’ve been to the circus, and the children’s museum among other things.  This year my oldest niece turned 10, and I wanted share with her confidence, fun, and being yourself! And so the adventure begins!

I asked my niece to pick a friend that she would like to bring on her adventure.  They were each given a party bag with 4 labeled envelopes.  They were only allowed to open 1 at a time!

#1 – Hair

October 2015-0147

Let’s be honest, when you’re having a good hair day, you feel like you can conquer the world!  So I took the ladies to a family friend who is a hair stylist and she curled and styled their hair!

#2 – The Outfit

October 2015-0134

The rules for the outfit – each girl was given $10 to pick an outfit for the other at Goodwill.  They were supposed to wear whatever the other one picked for the rest of the night.  Confidence is about owning what you’re wearing.  If you carry yourself with confidence, others will see you as stylish!  The girls had a great time picking out outfits for each other and then S and I.  They tried on a million thing (as they said) and vetoed a ton – but they had fun, and that was the whole point. (check out S and I below, i’m totally rocking the lime green, orange stripe, sequins top look!)

October 2015-0143 October 2015-0145

#3 – The photoshoot

October 2015-0130 October 2015-0128

Then we did a photoshoot in their outfits! Something to always remember this moment. A moment, captured in time.  They will remember this adventure, and now they have a photo to reminisce with years later! Doing a photo shoot with kids should always be fun! So we added mustaches and captured their fun outfits at the same time!

#4 – Eat

October 2015-0139

It’s not just about doing a photo shoot in your crazy outfit.  It’s about going out in public and showing people you are confident!  So we ended our night with dinner, because we were hungry, and because it was a display that we are confident and independent women!

So I apologize for not getting our blog post up on Thursday – but we were doing something special and I wanted to tell you all about it!

Until next week! xoxo ~ Em