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If you follow our blog, you know Em is our resident photographer.  That’s why, more often then not, you see photos of S taken by Em.  Every year, typically in the fall, Em’s family get’s together and takes some family photos!  So here are some tips and tricks from Em on how to get a great family photo!
2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9647

First: Pick a color scheme.  It’s not a happy accident that we somewhat coordinate in our photos! I know it may sound silly, you don’t have to all dress alike, but having a pallet really makes your photos go the extra mile! This year, since plaid is in and our location was fall foliage, we went with Red, Navy, Plaid, and cream. If your family is anything like mine – you need to pick something easy for the men.  Jeans and plaid shirts were something that all our husbands already had!2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9737

Two: Pick a great location! Doing something interesting with the photo to catch your eye always makes a better photograph!  In this photo we are right justified and there is emphasis payed to the line of the railroad track. Setting the boca on your camera to give a softness to the background also allows the people in the photo to take precedence over a somewhat busy background.

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9696

Three: Photography with kids can always be a little challenging! This little lady was in a pretty good mood while we did our photoshoot, but it’s really important to take a lot of pictures and engage the child. Ask them questions, get them excited.  Sometimes just telling them to smile rewards you with the photo below!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9836

They aren’t little models – so try to have fun with them. Engage them, make the exercise fun!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9773

Then you end up with fun photos like this sweet one. The sun rises and sets on her Pawpaw, and she’s the apple of his eye. These two are inseparable!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9774

If you want to get creative, take your camera to a different level.  So many people get caught up taking pictures from standing height. But some of the best shots might come from laying down or climbing up! So explore new heights!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9712

Don’t be afraid to use the sun!  Sometimes taking pictures with the sun streaming through make the most beautiful and whispy photos! Don’t be afraid to try something new! Natural sunlight is your friend, learn how to use it to your advantage!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9662

Have fun! Because a photo shoot is just like every other part of your life, it’s about capturing the memories! We will never be in this same time, or this same age. A photo should express the real personality behind the subjects. Leave staging to someone else!

2015 Fall Family Photoshoot in the Mountains-9701

And don’t forget your fur-babies. I have yet to master the art of getting them to both look at the camera at the same time. I call this a win because they are both facing forward.

Until next time! Enjoy this little slice of heaven that I call my family!

xoxo ~ Em