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One of my favorite trends as the weather gets colder is the blanket cape.  Its an oh so cozy way to stay stylish as move forward into fall.  Want to explore this fun trend at a more budget friendly version than the ASOS? Try a DIY version!


A polar fleece throw blanket, preferably in a fun print!
Yarn, the same color as the stitching around the blanket
Yarn needle

1) Start by folding your blanket in half, then in half again. You should now have a square-ish shape a quarter of the original blanket size.

2) Next cut all the way down one of the folds. This will give you a cut in the blanket, centered on one side, and all the way to the middle.20130320-075411.jpg

3) Blanket stitch along your cut. Don’t know how to blanket stitch? Check out this YouTube video!  Note that you are not sewing two pieces together, you are just finishing the free edge.

4) Done! Awesome cozy blanket cape! 🙂