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Who doesn’t love the look of a jumpsuit of romper! Let’s take it into fall fashion with a stylish bandana and a great pair of heels.

15.09.01 Stylish_two OOTD September Photoshoot-09-21

You can dress the jumpsuit up or down. For this style we took a casual jumpsuit and paired it with a wester belt which was popular on the runway in New York.  15.09.01 Stylish_two OOTD September Photoshoot-09-20

Adding a pair of sky high gladiator heels makes any woman feel great!15.09.01 Stylish_two OOTD September Photoshoot-09-18

Style your jumpsuit with a soft messy pony and pink lip. 15.09.01 Stylish_two OOTD September Photoshoot-09-21  

And lets not forget the bandana.  Just a little something to give this outfit a color kick. You can throw it in your pocket, tie it around your arm or waist, or wear it around your neck like a statement necklace.  Just a little something to give your wardrobe a kick.

Until next week… xoxo ~Em & S