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Going out for groceries? Look your best! Here is our take on 2015 street style complete with booties, bandana, and ripped jeans.  We are easing into fall here in Maine, getting ready for some cooler temperatures to come our way. Out are the shorts and the short skirts, and in are the T’s and jeans!

15.09.13 Stylish_two OOTD-09-4Pair your long shirt or long vest with a classy bandana (popular trend for 2015). Also popular right now is the split side tee. S bought this one on Amazon, sometimes it’s great to get something popular for a great deal! Click HERE for the link if you just have to have one like hers!

15.09.13 Stylish_two OOTD-09-2

S is shown wearing her bandana tied to her arm, but it’s also popular around your wrist, your hair, around your waist, or around your neck! So break out that bandana and accessorize! And because S loves a good bargain, she just bought a pair of black jeans and DIY’ed them to fit into the current trend for ripped knees!

15.09.13 Stylish_two OOTD-09

And it’s fall, so pull out those booties! Popular again this fall are ankle booties, and well, we here at Stylish_Two can’t just go with plain booties! We love this look with the faux snakeskin pattern paired with the stripes and a solid colored black jean.

15.09.13 Stylish_two OOTD-09-5

So the next time you think about just popping out for groceries or errands in your “house clothes” throw on some red lipstick (S is pictured wearing Certainly Red, by Revlon), change out your shoes for a snappy pair of booties, tie on your bandana, and show everyone that is pays to look your best!

xoxo ~ Em & S