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Pack Your Purse Like a Pro

We all do it. Stuff our bags so full of useless stuff—like old receipts, gum wrappers and 19 shades of lipstick, that it seems like what we really need is never easily at our finer tips. Or worse yet, your try to minimize, only to feel like you never have what you need. So here it is of items to keep in your purse that make you feel like the fantastically stylish and confident women that we all are.

Your Wallet

Okay, okay, this one is pretty obvious, right? But it all starts here. Make sure you have a quality wallet that you love, and have everything you need in. Always carry your ID, a credit/debit card and a little cash. I carry a pretty big wallet because I still write checks regularly, and keeping it with me always makes my life so much easier! (I know, I’m living in the past!). Don’t skip the cash either—those rare times when plastic currency isn’t accepted you will be the envy of everyone searching for an ATM.

Your Planner

Whatever you use, it only actually works if you keep it with you—so carry it everywhere. If you use your smartphone, then it works double duty. If you find yourself need to write it down on paper (I’m old school, so this is me, I love my lists!), then get one in a size that is functional for your desired purse size.

Emergency Beauty Kit

In a small cosmetic bag, always keep a small tube of concealer, face powder with a mirror in the compact, a hair tie, and bobby pins. Its just enough to tide you over when your look really needs some help. Keep a nail file around for those broken nails.  While you are at it, throw in a band-aid for the occasional paper cut or blister from that fantastic new pair of shoes and a safety pin for fashion emergencies.

Tinted Lip Balm

The way to keep you bag minimal, while still effective to keep the items small and multitask when you can. Tinted lip balm is my go to product. There are a million kinds available these days, so find a shade that is neutral and flattering on you. It will keep your lips kissably soft, while giving you a hint of color. Perfect for day to day and those occasions when you forget to bring your lipstick choice of the day with you.

A Healthy Snack

The modern women lives a busy life! Sometimes you don’t have time for anything other than coffee before running out the door, a meeting runs late, or you get stuck in traffic. Having a healthy snack can be a lifesaver.


Every girl needs a way to fix your coffee breath or freshen up before a date. Gum does the trick, but there is something much more chic about mints.

Your Pain Reliever of Choice

Let’s face it, the world gives you headaches. Instead of letting it spoil your day or trying to bum something from a friend, be the one who can save the day.

Hand Sanitizing Wiper

Wipes make it easier to more thoroughly clean your hands, and they work to clean other items as well.

Fine Point Sharpie

Narrow enough to use as a pen, including writing on difficult surfaces, and leaves a permanent mark when you need it.

Hand Lotion

Especially necessary in the winter when the air is extra dry! Flaking skin and cracking skin never attractive. Lotion can also tame frizzy hair in a pinch.

A few great additions…..

A Small Notebook

Okay, so if you use a paper planner, this one is really optional—but having a way to actually write things down can be a life saver. Make your shopping list, to do lists, or notes to yourself. Tear off a sheet when you need to give someone your contact information. Write down dates that should be in your iPhone planner when it inevitably dies mid-afternoon. Especially if you are a visual person, these are essential, and you can find them the size of a note card for only a few dollars!

Portable Phone Charger

We use of phones for everything these days. They are amazing multipurpose devices….but, they also have a limited battery life. If you tend to use your phone a lot, it’s completely worth investing in one of these.