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Let’s face it.  Everyone is a little conscious of how their body looks.  So for those of you who are worried about that extra 10lbs you feel you put on this summer while indulging in sweet treats and ice cream, here are a few tips to transition into fall and help you feel better in your wardrobe!

Avoid the chunky shoe: 

I’m sorry to say it ladies, the chunky shoe might be popular right now, but if you are at all worried about feeling chunky – avoid the chunky shoe. Making your ankles and feet appear bigger then they are, does nothing for slimming your legs and giving you an air of elegance. Chunky shoes make you look heavier, they make you walk heavier, and they don’t make you feel sexy. So even though it’s trendy, skip them this season.

4th of July OutiftStylishTwoPostADayInMay-2051

Stay away from shapeless dresses

So the trends this year are a little “sloppy”. The shirt dress, and shapeless shift dress are popular, but if you’re conscious of those extra pounds, then wearing a shapeless shirt or dress just adds weight to your frame. If you’re really into the style, grab a belt and cinch it under your bust, or at the waist to draw the eyes to the narrowest part of your body and give you that great hourglass shape. As we move into fall and the weather starts to get cooler, a great button down sweater with a belt at the waist will add style and not add pounds.

Belted Dress

Hold off on purchasing or wearing clothing that is too tight

I know it’s exciting to tell yourself you’re down a size. It makes all of us think twice about buying a piece of clothing that’s just a little too tight. Unfortunately, the “feel good” part of getting into a smaller size doesn’t translate to how it looks on you. Clothing that is too tight hangs funny and attracts the eyes to the areas where it squeezes your flesh. Don’t get trapped in the “size matters” mindset. It really doesn’t! A great piece that fits right and looks fantastic on you goes so much farther then the size label. The only one who can see the size label is you. With the wide swing in sizing of women’s clothing, just forget about the number altogether and get something that fits. Our bodies are so different, don’t be afraid to go up a size in something great, and have it tailored to fit! You’re tailor is a great investment in you feeling great about yourself! When you go out smiling, and you know you look good, everyone else will think you look great too!

Buy your boyfriend jeans in a darker wash

So boyfriend jeans are in this year, and in their nature, they are a little baggier. To avoid feeling heavy in your jeans, go with a darker wash. Darker washes are slimming. So there’s no need to throw this trend aside, just make sure when you’re out shopping, that you remember color makes a world of difference.


Go for the oversized bag

As an Architect, I fully understand this concept. We use the idea of scale to trick our minds into thinking and feeling a certain way. People love to walk down city streets with overhangs and large shop windows. Why? Because it’s related to our “human” scale – as opposed to those streets with the towering high-rises that make you feel like an ant. The same thing applies to your accessories, and most importantly, your bags! If you’re feeling a little overweight, carry a large bag. Large bags will make you look smaller. Small bags make you look heavy.  Or if you’re a tiny slip of a girl, consider a medium to small bag so you don’t get lost in your oversized bag and oversized sunglasses – looking like you went to play dress up in you’re mom’s closet. Scale matters! So go big and go bold if you’re feeling a little self conscious!

The shirt dress, a popular trend this spring! Pair it with an unexpected belt, floral bag, and a pop of color with your wedges.

Wear diagonal stripes

So I think we have all heard the fashion advice – not to wear horizontal stripes. But if you want to look thinner – wear diagonal stripes.  We love this dress from Ann Taylor that directs the eye to the thinest part of your body and makes you look like you have the craziest skinny hourglass. It’s classy, its vibrant, and it makes you look so much thinner! So go for the diagonal stripes this year!

Diagonal Stripes-7429 Diagonal Stripes-7431

I hope these tips were just a little bit helpful!