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When the relationship that lasted a good part of my 20’s finally ended and I entered the world of dating again. This is stressful enough for any young woman, but for a fashion oriented woman there is a new level of concern: What to wear?! If you follow fashion blogs, you have probably heard for the Man Repeller. What is it? Basically a woman who is so trendy and eccentric with her fashion sense that her outfits have been to know actually repel men. I fall into this category a good portion of the time, and found myself disparately seeking guidance when it came to my first jump back into the dating world.

  • Avoid anything too trendy.
    Yes, wear fashionable and flattering pieces, but most men do not get trends. They tend to appreciate more classic pieces, and feminine silhouettes. Limit any trend following to one piece only.

    How to Wear a White Dress

    Limit anything bold and trendy–like statement shoes or a statement necklace.

  • Patterns can be confusing.
    Especially if you mix them. Stick with solid colors, or subtle patterns that they the focus be on you and not your clothing.  If you do wear a pattern, try to wear a more solid top, so it isn’t distracting during drinks over cocktails.

    How to Wear Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

    Patterns can be confusing. Don’t mix them, and try to keep them on the subtle side, and opt for a solid top.

  • Love your curves.
    Wear something that accentuates your curves, and the most flattering part of your body—especially your hips. A more fitting top with an aline skirt for example. Its classic, and flattering for all body types.

    How to Wear Spring Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

    A fitted top and a full skirt accentuates curves in a good way and is flattering on most body types.

  • Wear shoes that have proven themselves.
    Heels are always a fantastic choice. They make your legs look like they could go on forever, and give your backside and extra lift—but, date night is not the time to break in a new pair of wear anything over the top. Wear a pair of heels that you know you can handle being in, no matter how long the date lasts.  Avoid anything too high or too heavy of heels.  They easily alter our gait, which is half the appear of women in heels.


    Wear heels you know you can enjoy the evening! No one likes when a girl complains about her feet hurting for half the night

  • Match your man’s style
    You should match your date—to an extent. If he is wearing jeans, consider wearing jeans or something casual at least. If he is going to be coming from the office wearing his suit, wear a dress. Dress like you belong together, not like you are from separate worlds.

    Pair a gingham shirt with boyfriend jeans and your favorite heels for an easy put together look!

    Pair a gingham shirt with boyfriend jeans and your favorite heels for an easy put together look!

  • Keep your hair and makeup feminine and non-distracting
    Keep your makeup subtle. Style your eye makeup to make them appear bigger, and defiantly do a little contouring.  Stick to a tinted lip balm for a soft lip and a hint of color. Wearing your hair down is almost always the most flattering.
    How to Wear a denim dress - Summer Trend
  • Be Yourself.
    At the end of the day—be true to yourself and your own style. If you never wear dresses, don’t wear a dress. If you don’t like wearing jeans, don’t wear them. I am always over dressed, and in heels—my first date with my current beau I wore jeans, stilettos and a metallic top because it was being true to myself while compromising with her more casual nature.
4th of July Outift

Yes, I wore this on a date! The guy even saw me again after!