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Em is an Architect, which means that professional footwear is a must.  When going to meet a client, it’s critical to dress the part.  However, there is no reason to be boring and straight laced.  Here are a few favorite choices to throw into your wardrobe to jazz up that power suit or just look professional.

Although, on occasion, I will throw in a peep toe shoe – the rule of thumb is closed toe in the business world.

The rounded front chunky heel! Chunky heels are back ladies! Although a great stiletto will never go out of style, we can plan to be more stable on those sky high heels this fall!IMG_1217

Sparkly flats! Sometimes you have to visit a client and your concerned about your heel. Throw on a great pair of sparkly, pointed toe flats.  Honestly, flat doesn’t have to be boring!blog outfit 1 shoes

Multi tones! We’ve been seeing a lot of multi-tone shoes. Something with a neutral and a pop of color! I just had to stop myself from buying an incredible pair of white pumps with red trim details! They even matched the red pants I was wearing. Alas, I was good – holding out for the next fabulous pair of shoes I can’t resist!



Navy! If you’ve been following our blog you have heard me harp about Navy. Navy is the new power color. People are more likely to buy from you wearing navy over black or brown! So go out and get a pair of navy shoes already!Emily4

Nude, Chunky, And Fabulous! Like I mentioned above, chunky is in this year.  But let’s talk about another trend – nude! All over neutral is in and having a great pair of nude heels will never steer you wrong.


The Staple! Every woman simply must own a great pair of patent leather black pumps! End. Of. Story.DSC_1389

Whimsey! As seen in our previous blog post (a must read!) “how to make your high heels more comfortable” This pair of whimsical floral heels adds a touch of feminine to the powerful world of business women. Let’s not just march on in our heels, let’s remind them we are women!StylishTwo - Comfortable Heels

And Bold Patterns! Find a bold pattern you love and go for it. Wear it with a neutral and let the shoes bet the statement. Animal prints, done in this way, make a classy outfit just a little bit fun! Everything has it’s place, and zebra print shoes should always be in the mix! StylishTwoPostADayInMay-2182


Thanks for checking in again this week! As you can see, S & Em are shoe obsessed!

And so we leave you with this quote below! xoxo ~ Em

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Oscar de la Renta