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Sometimes, you just need a fun, sweet, girlie drink, right? So this one is for ladies night! Its neon blue color makes it spectacular, and the whipped vodka makes it taste like dessert, so enjoy!

Blue Breeze
1oz Whipped Vodka
0.5oz Blue Curacao4oz Lemon-Lime Soda
Lemon or Lime slice to garnish (optional)

Summer Cocktail Series - Blue Breeze

Summer Cocktail Series - Blue Breeze

First, measure out the Whipped Vodka and Blue Curacao into a shaker with ice, and gently shake.  Unless you want an explosion, do not add the soda at this time!Summer Cocktail Series - Blue Breeze

Strain into your glass, over ice.  We made a double batch in the shaker and measured, but feel free to just pour!Summer Cocktail Series - Blue Breeze
Measure out the 4oz of soda, and pour into the glass.

Garnishwith a lemon or a lime, and enjoy!

Summer Cocktail Series - Blue Breeze

xo- S