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As you may have picked up – Em has decided to take off golf!

So here is a quick and easy golf ensemble that Em put together for her firs lesson:

1. Loose fitting pants that move across your body while you are golfing, but not get tangled in your movements. Em loves her new Puma golf pants

OOTD Golfing-06-3OOTD Golfing-06-7

2. a loose fitting breezy top.  It can get quite hot out on the course, so wear something lightweight that is loose enough to move while you are golfing, but tight enough that you won’t get tangled. And lesson learned, if you wear long sleeve, make sure they end above your wrists.

OOTD Golfing-06-4OOTD Golfing-06-8

Since Em is just learning to golf, she doesn’t have golfing shoes.  To add a pop of color to this outfit, it’s paired with a great low profile sneaker.

OOTD Golfing-06-6

Em likes to wear bold colors when jewelry isn’t really an option, paired with a gray neutral this outfit has style without being over the top.

OOTD Golfing-06 OOTD Golfing-06-9