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Hopefully last week gave you a little inspiration for what to wear to any upcoming wedding that you have.  This week, I am going to take it it one step further, by giving you a few ideas for how to accessorize in a way that will keep fashionable, and functional for what is bound to be a fun occasion!

The Shoes

How to Accessorise for a summer wedding

I know some say to save the best for last, but I always was a little bit of a rule breaker, at least when it comes to fashion!  Shoes are my lovers, so for me they are first!  For a wedding, neutral colors are always the perfect option because they are versatile and can do with anything.  Metallic shoes are a great option if you like to make more of a statement! Also, warm, romantic colors, like soft pinks and purples are fitting.  Try to stay away from anything too bold–such as reds, which can appear harsh.   Also remember when picking out your shoes that the wedding maybe outside, and there is a high likelihood of spending a large portion of your day or evening getting your groove on out on the dance floor.  Never wear shoes you have not tested out before, and opt for a shorter heel and/or wider heel for more support.  Wedges are also a great option, especially for an outdoor wedding!

The Bag

How to accessorize for a summer wedding

Choose a clutch or wristlet.  Anything bigger than that looks bulky, and takes away from the rest of your outfit.  After all, it will either be sitting in your lap or holding your chair for you for the duration of the wedding, so why not minimize?  Limit what you bring to your phone, keys, lipstick, money/credit card and ID.  You really don’t need more than that!  My favorite is this nude patten leather wristlet, which is perfect for any outfit.


How to accessorize for a wedding

When in doubt on your jewelry to wear to a wedding is to keep it classic. Trust me, that is a lot for a girl who likes her statement pieces! Pearls are always the go to option because you can dress them up or down.  Only wear statement pieces if you have a simple solid colored dress.  Wearing black dress to a wedding is a perfect time to add a happy statement necklace so you look like you are ready to celebrate the occasion, if your dress has any pattern on it, stick to the basics.

To warm up

How to accessorise for a wedding

Thankfully in the summer, this is less of a concern! Evening weddings though sometimes leave us reaching for something to warm up with. Skip the jacket if possible.  Go for a blazer or cardigan.  Dressier wedding, or just want to elevate your look?  Invest in a pashmina wrap, which adds warmth while still looking incredibly classy.


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