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After a long cold winter, little is better than summer days and warm sunshine.  One thing that always seems to crop up in the summer, is the summer wedding.  So why not have a little inspiration for what to wear to that stake of weddings you have invites to pinned to your fridge.

Some basic tips

  •  Know your bride and groom.  Everyone has different styles and tastes.  Dress in something you know they would love, and fits the theme of their wedding.
  •  If the bride is wearing white, don’t wear white.  I know, but I had to say it. The day is about the bride
  • Watch your skirt length.  Knee length is idea, or longer if that is your preference.

For the Casual Wedding

What to wear to a summer wedding
We all have that friend who wants to get married outside in cowboy boots.  They fun and easy going, and their wedding is bout to be a blast.  Wear a cotton floral dress.  Its comfortable and will let you move on the dance floor and have a great time.  Yellow is a huge color this summer, and perfect for a wedding like this.

Step it up a Notch…

What to wear to a summer wedding

For a slightly dressier outdoor wedding, floral is still a great option.  Go for a bold print in a more structured cut to step things up a notch.  This dress is my personal favorite, because it works for almost any wedding occasion!

The Formal Wedding

What to wear to a summer wedding

Go for a cocktail dress in a summer color like this great shade of green, especially if the wedding is in the daytime.

The Maxi DressWhat to wear to a summer wedding

We all love maxi dresses.  They are the ideal summer go to look.  Who wouldn’t to carry that over to a wedding! The way to make a maxi dress work is to wear one with a little more formal look, like this shirt dress style in an electric color.


Wearing Black

What to wear to a summer wedding

The little black dress is the perfect chic stylish look for a cocktail wedding. Wearing black to a wedding can be tricky, after all you want to look happy for the occasion, not like you are going to a funeral. The trick is to be a little more fun with you attire.  Don’t skimp on the dress.  Go for lace or satin, or an equally appealing fabric, and wear with fun accessories.

Go Bold

What to wear to a summer wedding

Feel like pushing the fashion limits, and turning a few heads?  Try a jumpsuit!  They are easily dressed up, but super comfortable if dresses aren’t your thing.


Hopefully this makes choosing your outfit when you are a wedding guest this summer a little easier.  Check back next week for a post on how to accessorize these looks!

xo – S