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As many of you know, I’m an Architect. So I love a great power suit! I’m kicking it back casual here, but you get the idea!

I read an article once that said people were more likely to buy from you if you were wearing navy blue over black or brown.  So my power suit is naturally – Navy Blue



Go long on your pants and wear heels! Always wear closed toe shoes for business. And dress up your power suit with a funky blouse. I love orange, so I wear this top with the grommets quite frequently! I love the light weight shirt under the suit, because it can get hot. Thank goodness we aren’t men that need to button up their shirts and wear ties.

Blue Shoes-1962

But even if you aren’t a professional woman, mens wear is hot right now! So go out and grab that power suit or two piece funky mens wear fashion! You’ll look stunning and put together! People will want to know you! It’s all about confidence, so wear it with swagger!

Cheers! xoxo Em