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Everyone knows that feeling when you see someone else, either in person, a magazine, or on pintrest, who looks amazing.  You absolutely want to copy their style. Maybe you rush out to get it, or may you rush out and get it only to have it sit in your closet with no idea how to work it into your wardrobe, or you immediately picture how it will not work for you body of with your style.

The Midi Skirt tends to be one of these trends.  In pictures, the women always look sleek and fabulous.  In real life, the calf length skirt makes people feel like they couldn’t decide between a mini and a maxi.  The thing is, that the midi skirt is gorgeous, and classy.  It can instantly elevate your style and make you into that girl who looks like she has someplace better to go next, and who doesn’t want to be that girl?  Maybe I have sold you on the midi skirt, but you need some inspiration into how it make it work for you.

How to Wear Spring Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

This one of a kind original skirt boarders on the upper limit of midi, hitting just above my knees.  A lot of the time, it is a better option for shorter women when paired with a heel, or sleek wedge, because it looks like you still have a lot of leg left.  Go for a nude shoe, which blends with you skin and makes you legs look like they go on forever.
To complete this garden party look, I added a sleeveless white button down blouse, and some classic jewelry.

How to Wear Spring Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

Heels really not your thing?  Don’t feel like you you have to wear a heel to give you those mile long legs in a midi skirt!  Flats tend to look best with a slightly longer skirt, so you already have a lot of fabric.  This high waisted vintage suede skirt (which I love, and was featured in this outfit of the day!), still makes me legs look long!  I like the high waisted option in skirts like this, because the clinch my waist, and the extra inches of fabric at the top make up for the few lacking at the bottom. ion t I wore sandes here, but ballet flats are always a great option too!  If your skirt is shorter, but you still don’t feel comfortable in heels, try a nude pointed toe flat that can help elongate your leg while still keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
I matched this skirt with a fringed chiffon shirt, to provide a contrast in fabric while keeping a slightly western feet.

How to Wear Spring Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

Tulle makes everything better, right?  Happiness for me is wearing this midi skirt, and this date worthy outfit is a way to incorporate fashion trends into your wardrobe with out scaring your clueless fella away.  You are probably noticing a trend with my outfits, my skirt is long, but I keep the tops shorter by tucking them in.  When in doubt with fashion, balance it.  The skirt gets longer, so I keep my tops shorter–tuck it in, or opt for a crop top.  It’s the same idea when you pair a loose tunic over leggings by combining a tight piece with a loose element.  Adding the shorter top makes the outfit look intentional, versus your clothes being sized incorrectly.
For this outfit, I added an embellished t-shirt and a pair of low Cole Haan metallic sandals for a classy-but-not-over-dressed look that could catch any guys eye!

How to Wear Spring Fashion Trend Midi Skirt at StylishTwo.com

Finally, why let the only midi we talk about be a skirt!  There are some spectacular midi dresses, like this cotton candy pink one!  Look for one that is form fitting, and in a very flattering color.  The combo will make you look classy enough for any event that comes your way, and a perfect look for a summer wedding.  Being more form fitting takes away some of the conservative element of it, and the way it follows the taper of your leg keeps the style from looking like it cuts your short.  Throw a cropped jean jacket, like this blazer style one I have, over it to make the dress more casual.

I hope this helps inspire you with some great midi skirt/dress ideas!  Now go out there and rock this trend!

xo -S