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DIY Fashion Trends: Make Your Own Matching Separates @ StylishTwo.com

Thanks mostly Taylor Swift, this trend has been building momentum for a while now.  While matching separates can look like something you wore in kindergarten, when done right they can also be pretty amazing! Personally, my favorite is a wild print, with a cropped top and a high waisted skirt.  Can’t find the perfect one? Or maybe you just want to play with the trend without breaking the budget?  Consider making one with these simple steps!  I use a sewing machine, but you can use a needle and thread if you don’t have one!  Personally though, I think all good fashion forward women should own and know how to use a sewing machine, it makes projects like this so much easier!

What you Need
A Dress to modify, look for something with stretch, such as jersey material.  Shop for closet, or try a thrift store for an inexpensive option
1″ elastic
Marking Pen
Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine


1. Try on your dress, and mark it where you want the bottom of your shirt.  Remember, cropped tops are perfect for a higher waisted skirt!

Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates

2. Mark across the width of your dress, making shirt the sides and middle are the same distance from the bottom.  Then cut so now you have a separate top and bottom.
Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates

3. Time for darts!  These are little sewn triangle shaped areas that make the fabric match the curve of your body.  The back of the skirt should have two darts.  Then make two more on the back and front of the top.
Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates

4. Sew your darts!  Not sure how?  Check out this website!

Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates

5. Cut two strips of the 1″ elastic.  One the size of your rib cage or waist where your top ends, and one the legnth of your waist or hips where you want your skirt to rest.  Sew in place using a zig zag stitch (this allows for stretch!)
Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates

     Final step!  Rock your fantastic new matching separates!Stylish Two - DIY Matching Seperates