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After shoes, bags are probably my next biggest culprit for trends I just can’t help but give into.  I love having a stylish stack of bags to choose from.  After all, the perfect bag can really make an outfit, and a change of season always means some great new bags! So what are my favorite bags for this spring?


Bucket Bags
Perhaps what I am most excited about this year, and the bag I have already bought to be my spring go to!  Bucket bags have a great effortless, casual feel to them do to their relaxed structure.  This season so, there are no limits.  They are coming in great colors, textures, and even prints.  Any bucket bag that speaks to your personal style will put you ahead this spring!


Circles were a very popular shape this year on the runways, and why not?  They break the traditional square or rectangular shape which can seem so…stiff!  Don’t get my wrong, rectangles are still a trend (especially upright ones), but why not step outside your comfort zone and try a great circle clutch.


Nothing says spring quite like a floral print, and my very feminine side loves it.  This year, floral patterns came in all colors and styles.  From the subtle Mulberry bag, which hinted on the trend for neural colors, to bolder prints like Valentino and Fendi. Go big, and find a great floral and let a little bit of your girlie side come out.


Fringe has been here for a while, and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere!  Suede is a huge trend for spring, and a safe bet this spring, but also feel free to reach out to other fringe shapes and styles.  This Armani bag is particularly drool worthy.


Don’t worry, cross body bags and shoulder bags haven’t left us, but top handle bags are certainly making their presence be know this spring.  Even clutches with great side handles seemed to appear everywhere!  Not quite ready to make the switch (or give up a free hand), try a bag with handles and a strap like Alexander Wang.  It will give you the style, without loosing the convenience.


Two Bags
Big bags, and little bags both made some very bold statements this season.  Can’t quite decide?  Go with both!  I love the convenience of a large tote, where I can put everything from my kindle to a first aid kit, but the tiny bags are just so adorable, and sometimes just so much easier…this season, quiet a few designers encouraged us not to choose, and just carry both!

Enjoy a fresh spring bag, and warmer days to come! xoxo – S