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Em and I love to travel! Pretty much any excuse to jet away,and we are all over it! This trip is a great excuse, the Em’s 5 year anniversary! Her wedding was a carebbian vacation, so of couse, its very fitting for this trip to be a group carebbian vacation as well. Sounds like a great reason to be  sitting on a beach in my bikini with fruity drink in hand to me!

Em & S on vacation

Em & S on vacation

Having spent a bit of time in an airport lately, I think the world could use a bit of advice on how to be stylish while jetting around the world.  For example, leggings, not worn as leggings should be, and pajama pants were frequently seen, making the wearers seem frumpy and disheveled.  Check out my tips below to look like your most stylish self the next time you go to board an airplane.

1) Wear layers that easily go on and off. Light scarves, cambray shirts and cartigans are great options.

2)Wear comfortable bottoms that don’t make you look bound for yoga class or the bedroom.  Many skinny jeans have a higer percentage of lycra, the fabric that makes your clothes stretchy and are a great option and come in a variety of colors. Maxi skirts are flowy and oh so comfortable and can be a great alternative.

3) Shoes. My favorite things! Having needed to run to my termial a few too many times in my life, I rarely now rock my favorite stilettos at the airport.  Look for great flats that slip on an off easily, as many airports still require their removal for security check points.  Fun colors and textures can step up your footwear a notch while still being functional.  If you really want a little lift, look for a comfortable wedge or stacked heel that will give you more support for airport sprits or standing in long lines.

4) I never travel without a great tote or shopper bag.  Find one that suits your style, and maybe even matches your luggage.  It will let you carry a snack, entertainment, and layers of clothing you shed on the plane with you.  Also, if you end up on a too full plane, and they request you check your carry on you still have room for a change of clothes, makeup and toothbrush while still looking polished if your luggage disapears.

From theDominican Republic–Happy Travels! -S