While getting a long over due pedicure with my sister, we started discussing our upcoming trip of New Orleans.  I am am going for an anesthesia conference, and she is tagging along for…well, no reason other than to go to NOLA, but I certainly can’t blame her for that!  She assumed I would be checking a bag, which I corrected.  Its 5 days of meetings, and hopefully enjoying a little town night life, and even me, with my excessive fashions can probably squeeze that into a carry on!

FStylish Two Fashion Blogor starters, make sure that you have luggage that meet your flights restrictions, measure to make sure.  Also, get yourself a large purse.  Most flights allow you to have a carry on, and a “personal item.”  Your purse can carry your overflow if needed, and allow for you to come back with more than you left with, yay shopping!  If you are not the large purse type, throw a clutch inside to use while you are at your destination, and can leave your purse safely in the hotel room.

Here is my luggage! Are you can tell, I wont be loosing mine anytime soon!


Next, know what its most important for your tip.  I have 4 days at the conference, and the flight home.  That means four base professional outfits, and something comfortable.

Stylish Two Fashion BlogStylish Two Fashion Blog

I chose basics for my professional look that I could mix, match and layer.  This gives me more options for reuse, and allows me to alter my look quickly.  I also make sure to pick fabrics that would travel well in tight spaces, like knits and jerseys.  I chose two dresses, a skirt and a pair of paints.  I packed 3 business shirts, and 3 cardigans.  As you can see above, one of them was leopard print–which makes a stylish statement, and can easily transition to night wear. One of the remaining cardigans is metallic for the same reason.  The trick is multi purpose!Stylsih Two Fashion Blog

Next on the agenda is pieces that will allow a transition from day to night.  I am heading to a warming climate, so I packed two chiffon tops.  These are virtually no weight, and take up very little space.  They can be layered over a dress, or worm over a cami to liven up an outfit.  I also added in a black and brown belt, and two statement necklaces–which also add very little bulk, but add a lot of pop to an outfit.

Finally, a few t-shirts for their easy and comfort, and two pairs of shoes–nude wedges and silver heels.  Both so versatile, allowing me to mix and match them with my outfit.


I ended up having more than enough space, and threw in a great fun dress…just in case!

Happy Packing (literally from a bar in New Orleans!) . –S