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So here are my top 5 favorite spring fashion trends for 2015

1. The Shirtdresshttp-::www.glamour.com:images:fashion:2014:09:rebecca-minkoff-shirt-dress-spring-2015-h724

Glamour Magazine 

The shirtdress can be casual or dressed up, but I think it brings a sexy side to a classic button down.  As seen above, a cute belt can take that shirt dress from a sloppy sack to a fit and stylish outfit. I also love that the shirt dress above has slits that are not too risqué but make this tea length style easy to move in! And I just love a good strip pattern! Never be afraid to get something tailored either.  If you’re like me, the top of the shirt dress hangs limp and way too big in order to get one that fits over my much wider hips! So invest that extra couple of dollar into a tailor and be in fashion this season!

2. Bright Yellowhttp-::4.bp.blogspot.com:-qWFgnAc1emI:VCkG2W-isBI:AAAAAAAAKXQ:TpzG_e2NhMo:s1600:NYFW%2BCOLOR%2BTRENDS

Beautifully Fierce

I love YELLOW!  I’ve been wearing yellow for years, but it’s not a good color for everyone.  Don’t let that steer you away from yellow this season.  Simply pair a yellow pant or skirt with a white top and enjoy the fun yellow fashion trend.  You can also try adding a scarf to your yellow top to break the yellow between your face and shirt!

3. Culotteshttp-::cdn.fashionisers.com:wp-content:uploads:2014:10:spring_summer_2015_fashion_trends_wide_leg_pants_and_culottes_fashionisers


Although plenty of things are “in” this year, it looks like short is back! Short flowy culottes from the past are in. Showing off sexy ankles with strapy sandals or a great pair of heels, these floaty short pants are going to be HOT this season!

4. Head to Toe WhiteFrame-Denim-Spring-2015-w724 www.glamour.com

Glamour Magazine

I look out my window and all I can see is white, but somehow this head to toe white look makes me SUPER excited for spring.  It’s classy, it’s refreshing, and it’s easy! White and Yellow are in, crisp and classy for spring!

5. Army Green


Fashion Winter Summer

Who’s to say that army green isn’t amazing.  Green being one of my favorite colors, I love what Ralph Lauren did with this classic style and army green neutral!

It will be interesting to see what the population picks up on from spring fashion 2015. Although these were some of my favorites, I don’t always win in the general public fashion game!

Until next week, xoxo ~ Em

We did not make it to fashion week this year, so all the images above are by others.  Please click on the photos to give credit to the original sources.