I love my DIY vest. Love. Love. Love.  Why, because I can wear it with anything, and with the frigid tempts and blizzard over blizzard here in the northeast, I have worn it over and over again since I made it! Warm, and stylish. Exactly what I need!


One of my favorite ways to wear it belted over a patterned long sleeve (flannel, stripes or polka dots!), with skinny jeans and boots.  Casual, warm, and super cute.  I though, am not exactly “casual” by nature, so how exactly can you dress up your fur vest?

By actually wearing it over a dress!  Dresses tend to spend a lot more time hanging in the closet in the winter months because they can be hard to make temperature appropriate, but by pairing a dress with boots, and your vest, you just made the outfit a lot warmer and more seasonable.


So expand with that fur vest, and try wearing it over different elements, especially over that dress you have been dying to wear out.


xoxo –S