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Fur Vest

Calvin Klein Faux Fur

Fur vest have been trending this winter, and I have to confess I am loving it.  Especially with the cold temperatures and frequent snow storms.  In faux fur seems perfectly cozy this season!

While stores offer a wide variety, I was struggling to find exactly the perfect one, at least, in my price range, so I decide to try to make my own!





What you need
A vest to use as a template
Faux fur fabric (the size of the vest)
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine, or needle and thread
Something to mark fabric with (I like chalk)

1) Lay out your fabric, folded in half with furry sides together.  Trace out your vest, with an extra half inch around the outside to allow for the seam.

2) Cut out along your traced lines.  You should have two identical pieces.  One of them will be the front, cut this piece in half, and shape it however you like.  I rounded the front corner, and had it arch out to create the V part of the neck, which you can see below.


3) Now you should have three pieces.  Lay the two front pieces on top of the back, furry sides together, with matching seams aligned.  Sew along the top edges, and down the two sides, under the arm holes, as seen below.


Turn it right side out, and ta-da! You have an easy, but fantastically stylish faux fur vest!

IMG_1381Check back Monday for my outfit of the week post, to see it in an outfit!

Until then, xo –S