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Happy CRNA Week!

I am very happily in the last few months of my CRNA program, and this week is the annual celebration of my future career! I share this because most people have no idea what I do, or any of the requirements of my job.  Chances are if you have had anesthesia, it was given by a CRNA!  I encourage everyone to learn more about these highly educated, specialized, professionals by using the link above.

So, why am I bringing this up now? The world of anesthesia is one of the most unfashionable jobs ever.  I wear the same uni-gender monochromatic green garments as every other OR staff member.  I have to wear a scrub cap, covers on my shoes, most of the time a mask and eye protection as well.  Many hospitals don’t allow jewelry or even painted nails.  Very liIMG_1070miting right?

Every morning I change in the locker room, and notice the number of people who come in wearing sweat pants, yoga pants, hoodies, and other equally unfashionable attire.  I have to ask myself, why?  Yes, I arrive early…in fact, I am often one of the first people into the hospital.  I am only in my street clothes for a much shorter time than I wear my OR scrubs, and sometimes I am too mentally and physically exhausted to think about a great outfit.  At the end of the day though, I am an eccentric, well educated professional, and that is how I want to present myself, always. Belore work some examples of outfits I have worn to work over the last couple of weeks!




So next time you are getting dressed, dress for who you are, and who to be in life, not for the fact you maybe have a less than stylish job!