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There seems to be a lot of conflicting reports in the medical community about the actual benefits of having a massage.  Although science seems to support the fact that “tight” muscles may actually have nothing to do with “sore muscles” it does seem very promising that massage gives temporary relief and reduces stress and depression.  I’m sold!  Even if the only real benefit of having a massage is that it relieves stress, those of us who own our own businesses or work is high stress jobs can definitely benefit from massage!

My stress level this week has been through the roof!  Deadlines looming, projects on hold, or ready to start, or underway and in need of time and devotion.  It didn’t matter, it was an incredibly stressful week, and I paid the price.  Here it is, Thursday, and I woke up with a massive migraine.  I tell you what, having a migraine makes you less then efficient.  Blurry vision, nausea, and pounding pain in your head make for less then stellar job performance. So I called up the local massage therapist and had an appointment 2 hours later! For me, being dehydrated often gives me migraines, so I drink lots of water.  And when I say lots, I mean I drink at least half my body weight in oz of water everyday.  I’m not dehydrated, but I am stressed. Research shows a direct correlation between stress and headaches.

I don’t know if it’s trigger point therapy, releasing of knotted muscles, or just the psychological aspects of having someone touch you for a 1/2 hour that is relaxing, but I let go of a little bit of the stress and the headache gave way to a more muddled “after headache” fogginess that is common for me after having a migraine.  I managed to finish out my day at a slightly lower stress level and it was worth every penny I spent in the process.

On a side note: If you are like my husband and I and planning a winter getaway, have your massage the day before you leave.  The local spa is often a lot less pricey then the resorts, and if you regularly or semi regularly get massages, your massage therapist is going to know how to de-stress you.  I had a massage at the resort the last time I went away on vacation, not only was the massage disappointing (I like deep tissue and hate swedish massage), we were at the beach and there was sand in everything. So the massage ended up being more of an exfoliation then a massage.  Maybe some people like that, but it’s not my cup of tea!

This is Em in the DR in 2014! Can't wait to go back to the Dominican Republic to dive, relax, swim in the ocean and lounge on the beach!

This is Em in the DR in 2014! Can’t wait to go back to the Dominican Republic to dive, relax, swim in the ocean and lounge on the beach!

So in conclusion, although I am not a medical specialist, and I have no idea about all the reports and research on the benefits of massage, I can tell you it was more then worth the money I spent and the time I devoted to the stress relief and the ease of the radiating headache. So my non-scientific point of view is, have massages regularly because stress leads to all kinds of poor health complications!

Until next time…have a massage!

xoxo – Em