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What does one do when you really want to wear a dress, but the temperatures outside are in the single digits?  I will do almost anything for fashion, but I had a few things to do before meeting Em for a glass of wine, and I didn’t want to freeze!

Sylish Two: Dress over Pants

Dresses being worn over pants is a trend that crept up last fall, and I am happy it did!  It allows a fashionable ladies, such as myself, to extend the wear of her dresses into a season that it might be a bit too cold to comfortably wear normally.

Here, I cstdresspantBhose to pair a simple jersey dress over leather skinny jeans, which are also a trend this season.  I loved the contrast in textures, which added dimension to the outfit.  I threw on a leopard cardigan, which added more interest to a more monotone outfit.  After all, adding that third piece, especially when it is a piece of interest, always elevates the look.

I also added a pop of color, with my shoes.  They are a two-tone pair of brown pumps that matched my clothes great, but with a bright turquoise toe cap!  The shoes were actually a DIY project after Is2dresspantC scuffed the toe of one of these shoes so badly I thought I would have to part with them.  Instead, I got creative, and love the result!

I loved the way the look came out (and so did Em), so if you find yourself going out this winter on when its a little too cold to rock that dress you are lusting to wear, try throwing a pair of pants on under it!  Best of both words!


xo- S