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IStylishTwo am not a minimalist. Not one little inch of me.  My wardrobe is excessive, and I have more shoes than anyone could ever possibly need.  Like triple digits on the shoes, and there is a good chance the first number is not a 1.  Its better if I don’t count though, right?  That way no one really knows now many there are, and I get less judgmental looks at the many dollar signs that have gone into creating my fashion collection….please don’t judge the photos of my messy closet either!

This is what has lead me to be challenged by a couple of people in my life, Em included, to wear everything I have, and if I don’t, it has to go.  Why?  Because we all get stuck in fashion ruts, where we find ourselves wearing a small portion of our clothes and StylishTwoshoes frequently, leaving most of it to just hang lonely in our closets.  My life is a little crazy these days, so I have absolutely fallen victim to this.  I have been dressing more for ease, with less creativity.  Even some clothes I truly love have been worn less because I grab what is on top of the pile.  A challenge like this is exactly what I need to revive my style!  It also *may* lead to me weeding out things in my wardrobe. Items I struggle to work in, that don’t fit well, or I no longer enjoy wearing.  So in 2015, I will wear everything in my closets!  Yes, that is pleural on purpose. There are two closets….

StylishTwo Now, I have already given up hope that I can remember what I have been wearing, so I have decided to use the iphone app Stylebook, which lets me photograph my clothes, and organize it into a calendar, so not only do I know what I wore, but I even know when I wore it!

Stylebook Closet organization

Expect to see many photos of my clothes, and shoes on Instagram and here…and just to add to the fun, I challenge anyone who reads this, to wear everything in their closet in 2015 as well!

xo – S