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I am an Architect, and I own my own business. So this post goes out to all you professional women, busy moms, and women who just don’t like to shop! A few months ago, my sister, a beautiful stay at home mom, introduced me to a company called Stitch Fix! As a business owner and professed work-o-holic, I find I don’t have time to go shopping. I also find, that living in Maine, can make shopping just a hair more challenging then some other areas of the country. So when my sister, who finds that having two minutes to yourself to shop just never happens, tried Stitch Fix and loved it, I just had to jump on board.  I read the positive and negative reviews, and decided to sign up.  First, you get to fill out a style profile.  They show you a series of images and outfits to rank how much you like them. Then you choose your size, fit categories, and the amount you want to spend on certain types of items. For me, I love big, wild statement jewelry, so I only want to spend a little bit, and get a lot of fun, flashy pieces.  However, on a blouse that I’m going to wear frequently for work, I’m willing to spend a little more for quality that’s going to last. My latest “fix” included the scarf below. I love scarves!


You pay a $20 style fee to set up your first “fix”. If you like anything from your “fix” and decide to keep it, the $20 goes towards that. I think that’s only fair. And if you decide not to keep anything, you’re only out $20. You can set the frequency of the fix to once, monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal. So then I just had to wait, in all my excitement, to get my first fix!  They send you 5 items with a lovely little style guide on how to wear your items, and a price list. There is even a personalized note from your stylist in the top right corner. This week I got my 5th “fix.” For the first two fixes I had different stylists, but I’ve had the same stylist for the last 3 “fixes.” These have been all of my favorites! She has truly nailed my style!


Now I get to try on these “new fashions” in the comfort of my own home, without having to go anywhere.  They take my style into consideration, but they send me pieces I would not find on my own, or maybe would never have thought to try on.  Some brands like 41 Hawthorn and Just Black even have exclusive lines only for Stitch Fix!


The Pros and Cons:

Cost: Yes, you might be able to find something from your fix online for a lesser cost. However, I want you to keep in mind you didn’t have to go out and find it, or mail it to yourself, and you may never have found it on your own.  So keep in mind, that although you are “paying for the clothes” you are really paying for someone to do the leg work for you. My time is valuable, I think it’s worth the extra cost.

Feasibility: If you keep all 5 items you get a whole box discount! Well I’ve gotten 5 fixes and I have yet to keep all 5 items.  One box had 5 amazing things, but the cost of each item was high and I couldn’t fit it into my budget that time around. This last box I got, I loved everything, but one item had a fit problem and unfortunately there is no discount on keeping 4 items.

Ease: I mentioned above how easy it is get get your fix, now i’d like to end with how easy it is to keep and return your items.  The online system allows you to check through the five items you got.  You select if you are going to keep it and then you evaluate whether or not the cost, fit, style, and like were too much, just right, or too little. Seriously, does anyone ever check that box! Then you can leave a note for your stylist. I asked my stylist to resend me an item in another fix. Luckily for me, they still had it, and she shipped it out to me again. You can also comment on shape, fit, color, style and link your profile to Pinterest where your stylist can see any of the stylish things you have saved there! Once you’ve decided what you are keeping and what you are sending back, you click check out, you get your $20 style fee credited to whatever you kept, you throw the items you are returning in the self paid envelop that they give you, and you put it in the mailbox to go back within 3 days of receiving your “fix”. Easy as can be!

So check it out next time you are feeling frustrated with your wardrobe, lacking time to go shopping, or just want someone else to suggest some fashions to you! So stay tuned, my outfit post for next week is from my latest Stitch Fix!

Cheers and Happy 2015 ~ Em